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We are dedicated to providing: 

• Safe and healthful environment for our employees and customers.

• Protection to the public, and preserving the assets of both company and client.

• Certified safety programs such as: OSHA, Workplace, First Aid and Forklift Trainings.

• Consistency with safety meetings and daily toolbox chat briefings.


SMC's business is conducted on the principal that our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.  All SMC supervisors are charged with the responsibilities for ensuring and maintaining a safe work environment for themselves, their fellow employees, and the clients SMC serves.


Safety is an integral and inseparable part of all SMC projects, and this attitude is part of our thinking both on and off the job. Safety issues and concerns can always be addressed with our Safety officer Andrew Baughman.

SMC is committed to health and safety in every aspect of our work. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring everyone returns home safely every day.

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