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Sheet Metal

SMC is a full service HVAC contractor with the experience and equipment to meet the needs of your most demanding projects, including custom system design. Our new fabrication facility has over 47,600 square feet of space dedicated to the construction of your system and is complete with the latest technology. Our roll-fed former is able to manufacture custom ductwork in a variety of gauges and metals including stainless, galvanized and other alloys. Helping to tailor even the most difficult part, a computer-controlled plasma cutter quickly turns out complex shapes and curves prior to the completion of the individual pieces of ductwork.

Once assemblies are completed, they are sealed and loaded into trailers to await shipment to the job site. Ductwork is only part of an HVAC system and SMC is able to meet all of your heating and cooling needs, with experience in the installation of everything from condenser farms, to 5 million BTU chiller units, to Geothermal Systems. Our list of completed projects includes everything from multi-tenant retail locations, complex medical facilities, multi-building educational housing units, world class manufacturing facilities, to fire stations. SMC has the experience to make your next project a success.