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Design Build

Design/Build typically refers to the process where the system’s construction is carried out by the same team that handles its design. Stouffer Mechanical Contractor, LLC (SMC) offers design/build services for our clients looking to simplify and streamline the construction process. Design/build projects for HVAC and plumbing systems are run by a single project manager who will oversee your project from design through completion. In choosing SMC as your mechanical contractor, you are choosing a company that seeks to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Mechanical Design/Build: Why?

• Our Project Managers and Estimators will work to determine ways to balance project objectives and needs with the system’s efficiency, sustainability, and more importantly, costs.
• Communication lines are simplified offering a single point of contact, allowing for more accountability, as well as faster project completion.
• Construction on the project can begin earlier, and materials can be secured throughout the process as construction progresses.

HVAC Design/Build: Why?

• Cost Reductions: eliminates much of the “back-and-forth” between design experts and contractors.
• Time Savings: Projects can be completed sooner, resulting in a faster return on investment.
• Customer Satisfaction: Clients have pointed out the ease of working with one point of contact for the entire project, as well as the cost and time saving benefits realized from the Design/Build process.

Traditional Method vs. Design/Build Method

Click the below link to see how the Design/Build process can establish costs sooner, and save time on your project.
SMC Design Build Benefit