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HVAC Control Systems


What is a Building Automation System?

A building’s HVAC and lighting systems are two of the largest sources of energy usage. Building automation systems help to reduce this energy usage by combining them and other systems into a centralized control system. Building automation systems utilize concepts like free cooling and smart scheduling to help reduce energy consumption. It improves the overall control of heating and cooling equipment by reducing temperature variation which makes for a more comfortable space and a happy occupant. Building engineers and maintenance personnel also appreciate the centralized control allowing them to monitor and troubleshoot units and spaces with ease. Email notifications allow them to be alerted of a problem as soon as it happens, which can then be addressed before the space occupants may even know there is an issue. This is only some of the many features offered by building automation systems.


What we do:

Stouffer Mechanical's control division has certified engineers that will design a system that is right for your building. We will oversee every step of the process from engineering and installation to commissioning of the system. Our installers take pride in only performing quality work  ensuring that your system will be installed correctly the first time. We also offer service options and contracts for your system, so that once it is up and running and an issue arises, you are not alone. One thing that sets SMC apart from other companies is that no software, programs, or passwords will be withheld from you. Upon completion you will be given everything you need to maintain your control system on your own. We want you to want to work with us, not because you have no other choice. Furthermore, SMC is a mechanical company as well so we understand how equipment was intended to and should function not just how a system can control it.



Our Systems:

We offer “open” building automation systems with field devices utilizing BACnet MS/TP protocol. Our systems communicate using a non-proprietary protocol, so interoperability is simple. We can customize control programs to meet complex sequences. If you can think it, we can make it happen!  We will design and install systems of any size including standalone controllers all the way up to large enterprise systems.

We can integrate with new or existing systems including:


-BACnet IP



-VRF Systems Including Mitsubishi and Daikin

-Lighting control systems including Watt Stopper DLM


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