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Stouffer Mechanical Contractor LLC utilizes the latest technology to improve accuracy, speed construction and keep your project on schedule. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized the design, manufacture and installation of today's mechanical and HVAC systems. SMC is able to process your engineer's system design, convert the data into three-dimensional files and build/pre-assemble the components at our new modern facility, making the process much more efficient, especially when compared to site-built systems. The imaging also allows us to identify potential trouble spots and resolve them in advance. The BIM systems touches every phase of your project, from our BIM specialists, to project managers, to the product assembly and installation crews. When combined with a Trimble 3D GPS System, our crews can accurately locate slope and build complex drainage and supply systems below grade, before your structure starts to take shape. During the construction phase, this same technology allows our crews to accurately install HVAC hanging strips before the floors are poured.